We place the utmost priority on protecting the privacy of our customers.  Nothing is more central to our health care operations than maintaining the privacy of health information.


It has long been our policy to ensure that waste material containing confidential patient information is segregated from regular trash for secure disposal.  We apologize for incidents last year in which our procedures were not properly followed.  We have cooperated fully with the Attorney Generalís investigation into this matter.


Since that time, we have strengthened our policies and procedures in this area.  We now require ALL trash generated in our pharmacies to be kept separate from the rest of the storeís trash so it is not inadvertently placed in our dumpsters.  New signage, training sessions and compliance checks were also instituted to ensure that pharmacy trash is not accessible to the public in our dumpsters.


We continue to look at ways to further enhance our procedures to ensure that our pharmacies protect the privacy of our customers.